Counseling Services

Lucid Awakening provides client-centered counseling services to help support individuals through major life transitions, assist in healing trauma, improving self-esteem, exploring relationship issues, and transforming unhealthy thought patterns.


I am primarily a Depth (Jungian) Psychotherapist that specializes in treating trauma, depression, chronic illness, anxiety, and mood disorders. I also have experience treating individuals with a history of abuse, eating disorders, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and chronic stress related to occupational problems. I work with children, adolescents, and adults. 


My approach is to work with my clients at their own pace, build a solid foundation, and uncover the root problems contributing to symptoms. From my perspective, symptoms and disorders often arise as a result of surviving difficult situations and attempting to cope with trauma and stress. The goal of therapy is to discover and develop healthier ways of coping with trauma. I also take a holistic approach to therapy, which consists of blend of modalities, including somatic therapy, existential and humanistic psychotherapy, psychodynamic techniques, dream interpretation, mindfulness, meditation, or self-hypnosis techniques, and rational emotive behavior therapy.

I meet my clients where they are at and create a sacred space of safety and acceptance, from which real growth and change can occur. It is my aim to help my clients explore their problems and, in doing so, help them overcome obstacles and move towards their goals. By slowing down and observing the thoughts and scripts playing within one’s mind, one can then begin to untangle and discriminate between that which has absorbed and internalized by others and that which originates authentically from within the individual.


1. Do you take insurance or offer sliding scale?

I do not accept insurance carriers, but can provide a master bill for reimbursement and also offer sliding scale. Regular rates are usually between $70 and $100 per session.

2. What should I expect during our first session?

The first session is complimentary and gives us both an opportunity to see if we would be a fit, discuss your concerns, goals, and any other questions you have.

3. What are the cost and benefits of therapy?

To seek out therapy is an individual choice and receiving the support of a therapist can help clients gain clarity, insight, and understanding during challenging times of life or in healing from past trauma. However, therapy can also bring up painful memories or emotions, which may be difficult to face at times.

4. Is therapy confidential?

All communication between a client and psychotherapist is confidential and protected under state law, except in cases of imminent risk, child abuse, threat of harm towards another person, or court subpoena.

5. What does a typical therapy session look like?

Each session is fifty minutes long and is tailored to meet your individual needs. Counseling can be sought for short-term problems to assist with a crisis, major conflicts, important decisions, or relationship problems, as well as long-term concerns that address complex issues, such as unhealthy thought patterns, self-esteem, identity, long-term goals, and personal growth. I use a blend of modalities and techniques all depending upon your own comfort level.

6. How do I schedule a session?

Contact me at or 720.316.9255.

If you are experience a crisis or life-threatening emergency, please call Colorado Crisis Services at 1(844) 493-8255, 911, or your local crisis line.

If you would like to verify my license or file a grievance, please contact DORA.

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